Adoption is just another word for Love November 20 2014

November is Adoption Awareness Month in Canada. National Adoption Day in the U.S. is November 22nd.
In the 21st Century families and family units are formed in many different ways. National Adoption Day celebrates the creation of families by means of Adoption. While most people do not celebrate or perhaps even realize the existence of Adoption Day, many people have unknowingly been touched by adoption.

Many children in Foster Care dream of the day they will find their forever family, sadly for many children this never happens. Every year, around 20,000 kids in the U.S. age out of the foster system with nowhere to go. This is partially due to the fact that people do not realize that adopting children out of foster care is just as easy as adopting internationally and faster than international adoption or adoption from birth, and many adoption agencies do not charge a fee for adoption from foster care.

On National Adoption Day, many courts and communities across the United States work together to finalize adoptions. Last year over 4500 children in the U.S. were adopted on this day.

We dedicate this post to birth mothers everywhere for the sacrifice they have made in making an adoption plan for their birth child.

Quite simply Adoption is just another word for Love.

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